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November, ​22, ​2022
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5 Effective Chrome Extensions that will BOOST your SEO 

Major SEO companies are focusing on finding easy ways to use chrome extensions to help them get quick SEO results. 

There are currently 200 web browsers available right now, but one of the strongest and most effective web browsers is Google Chrome. The Chrome online store on Google's website provides access to a wide range of different SEO tools, all of which can assist you with your SEO efforts with just the click of a mouse.

If you are using Google Chrome, you might find the following list of SEO extensions for Chrome very helpful. Installing the extensions and determining the SEO value of any website or URL is now possible with these new tools. It’s really beneficial for SEO companies, especially when you want to check the ranking of your site or another site.

Xamtac will walk you through installing the 5 top SEO Chrome extensions that are currently available for your web browser so you can truly utilize the power of the internet to your advantage and boost your sales.

Here we go…


  1. Keywords Everywhere: 

    Did you know that your entire website can be analyzed in an SEO audit? You can get data from your social platforms without any hassle at all and gain access to detailed data covering search engine rankings, keyword density, external and internal links, and more. Every important SEO metric is examined by this plugin. Besides providing valuable insights about the strength of the SEO of the site you are viewing, it allows you to analyze the volume of searches for a given URL and the level of competition for a set of keywords. If you want to use some of these extras, you'll need to buy more credits. You can use this to your advantage when researching your competitors.

  2. MozBar : 

    MozBar is a Chrome add-on for SEO developed by Moz that provides fast SEO insights about web pages or search engine result pages (SERPs) without leaving the web browser. It provides essential information about the search engine results and the primary advantage of utilizing this plugin is that it gives information in real-time, making it superior to other tools. It will instantly display the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) of any website page. MozBar is, without a doubt, one of the most popular Chrome extensions available.

  3. SEO Quake : 

    Most SEO companies use Semrush's SEOquake Chrome add-on provides SEO analytics, keyword research, and a thorough SEO audit of each website you visit. Since it's an extension of Semrush, the top keyword research tool, it's one of the greatest keyword research Chrome extensions and the extension is also customizable. You can utilize SEMRUSH if you want deeper insights as it gives you thorough information on each site's ranking for your phrase whenever you search Google.

  4. Google Pagespeed Insights: 

    Page load speed is a ranking criteria, so it is crucial to ensure that your website's desktop and mobile pages load quickly. If you are not sure if your page speed meets Google's requirements then this free SEO Chrome extension will analyze the performance of your page. You can download this free extension and navigate to the URL you wish to analyze - you will see in another tab your detailed results. This helps SEO companies optimize their sites' loading speed.

  5. vidIQ : 

    vidIQ is one of the most effective YouTube SEO solutions available. You will need vidIQ's Chrome plugin if you want your videos to rank well on YouTube and to get more views and subscribers. You can also unlock premium features by upgrading to one of vidIQ's paid plans. vidIQ provides advice on how to increase YouTube views and subscribers beyond YouTube Analytics. It offers you an option to conduct a channel audit to see what content is performing well and which requires improvement. You can also discover what your competitors are doing to appear at the top on YouTube to generate more views. 

To sum it all up…

There are a number of Chrome extensions that SEO companies use to integrate tools and services directly into the browser. I hope you have discovered one or two extensions that you will use that will have a substantial influence on your site’s success.

Just remember that using many browser extensions may slow down your computer, so select them carefully.

If you are unclear about Chrome Extensions or how they can benefit your business give us a call and we will help you get clarity and implement the necessary actions to get your SEO running smoothly and effectively for your business. 

Don’t hesitate, give us a call and let us help you get a higher ranking for your site so that your company will appear in more searches and get you more business. 

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