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Personalized Marketing Collaboration Tools

AI Marketing Ecosystem for Strategies, Asset & Data Organization & Planning

Xamtac is a marketing ecosystem that blends advanced AI with a suite of tools to increase efficiency. Tailored to your unique brand styles and voices, it streamlines multi-channel campaigns, enhancing reach & impact. Asset generation & organization capabilities allow for effortless creation & management of materials, while robust marketing planning & launch tools ensure strategic, coordinated campaigns. Integrate with your data for insightful analytics, & more for a comprehensive marketing team collaboration experience

Personalized AI

Tailor-Made AI Created For Your Company

Our platform isn't just any standard tool. It's designed to understand your company in-depth, ensuring quality assets for your campaigns. Your Unique AI will learn and adapt to your brand, voice, and goals.

Unique to your Brand

The AI tailors its understanding to grasp the nuances of your brand, ensuring consistency and relevance in every campaign.

Continuous Learning

Continuously evolves with your brand's voice and objectives, delivering high-quality assets that resonate with your audience.


Organize & Generate All Your Assets In One Place

Designed to maximize your marketing by creating highly personalized assets for all touch-points across your customer journey. Iterate effectively through various marketing angles, themes, audiences, segments, and promotions. Generate in seconds based on your previous campaigns, information, and competitors, while staying organized and keeping everything needed for paid ads, emails, SEO, and social media in one place.

Create & Generate

A centralized hub for all your marketing needs, streamlining efforts in paid ads, emails, SEO, and social media, enhancing organization and efficiency.

Rapid Iteration

Navigate various marketing themes, target audiences, and promotional strategies with the insights from past campaigns and competitor analysis.

Email & SMS

Send Campaign Blasts & Setup Automation Easily

Elevate your email strategy with our powerful automation tools. Effortlessly segment and schedule, sending the right message to your audience when it matters most. From welcome series to promotional offers, our platform adapts and optimizes for maximum engagement. Achieve higher open rates and critical results in less time.

Seamless Automation

Streamline your campaigns with our intuitive tools, ensuring timely delivery and consistent engagement without the manual hassle.

Audience Segmentation

Dive deeper into your subscriber base, tailoring content to distinct segments for personalized and impactful messaging.


All Your Data Sources, Contacts, KPIs in One Place

Merge insights across platforms - from Analytics to Ads, Organic Search to Email Metrics, and CMS to CRM. With our sophisticated dashboard, transform raw data into actionable strategies. Let advanced AI guide your next power move. Stay informed, integrated, and ahead of the curve.

Connect Sources

Connect your Analytics, Ad Platforms, Organic, Email, & CMS to create your ultimate war room with all your data & KPIs from all your different Platforms.


Centralize customer interactions enable tailored communication and fostering deeper relationships. Real-time insights into lead behaviors ensures timely and relevant engagement that leads to more sales.

Plan & Launch

Strategize Plans and Launch Campaigns When Ready

Experience the power of unified marketing. Our platform empowers you with intuitive planning tools across all channels, from ad campaigns to organic content. Once set, seamlessly launch or schedule with a click. Collaborate, refine, and deploy your strategies with unmatched ease and precision, all from a single dashboard.

Marketing Planning

Simplify planning across all channels, from ad campaigns, Emails, Social Media, and organic content. Refine your strategy to engage effectively and share with your team or get approval.

Launching Campaigns

When you are ready to move forward with your plans you can launch or schedule your campaigns, social media posts, & emails directly through the dashboard.


Need Extra Design, Marketing, or Development Help?

Submit a request to get paired up with a team that has the skills and experts you need for your project or tasks. Easily create, communicate, and monitor progress on requests and stay updated on everything without exhausting your company's bandwidth. Receive help when you need it to help you achieve your vision.

Unlimited Requests

Submit as many requests as you would like and start getting your projects done. Create a free account to start receiving the Marketing, Design, & Creative help you need.


Upgrade to a paid tier and start receiving discounts on all your requests. Get Ads, Campaigns, Strategy, Landing Pages, Emails, tracking, and more marketing, design, and development help.


Marketing Team Collaboration Tools

Elevate your marketing team's productivity and creativity with our dedicated collaboration tools. Designed to streamline coordination and enhance communication, these tools foster a cohesive environment for strategic planning and execution, ensuring your projects progress smoothly and efficiently.

Project Management

Our project management tool enables seamless coordination across your marketing campaigns, ensuring all team members are aligned and tasks are completed on schedule.


Enhance team synergy with our chat tool, facilitating instant communication and brainstorming sessions, ensuring no idea goes unheard and every message is clear.

Agency and Enterprise Solutions

Enhance Your Brand and Client’s Experience with Customized AI-
Driven Solutions, Client Facing Specific Dashboards, and More.


Reporting Sources

Library Assets

Custom Request




Dedicated Support

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Witness the power of Personalized AI tailored to your brand and marketing. Swiftly generate distinctive assets that resonate with your audiences and monitor real-time metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns

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