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AI Marketing Ecosystem for Strategies, Asset & Data Organization & Launching Campaigns Across Platforms.

Xamtac is A marketing ecosystem that blends advanced AI with a suite of tools to increase efficiency. Tailored to your unique brand styles and voices, it streamlines multi-channel campaigns, enhancing reach & impact. Asset generation & organization capabilities allow for effortless creation & management of materials, while robust marketing planning & launch tools ensure strategic, coordinated campaigns. Integrate with your data for insightful analytics, & more for a comprehensive marketing team experience

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Comprehensive Digital Marketing Agency

In the Internet Age, every business needs a website, a social media following, and effective advertising. We are here to help you grow with our array of digital marketing strategies.

Marketing Collaboration Tools - Xamtac Consulting

Marketing Collaboration Tools

Streamline your marketing efforts with our cutting-edge collaboration tools. Designed to bring teams together, our platform enhances communication, project management, and performance.

PPC Dashboard - Xamtac Consulting

PPC Dashboard

Optimize your pay-per-click campaigns with our comprehensive PPC dashboard. Gain insights into your ad performance with intuitive analytics and customizable reports.

White Label Marketing - Xamtac Consulting

White Label Marketing

Expand your service offerings with our white label marketing solutions. Provide your clients with a full suite of marketing services under your brand.

Google & Facebook Ads - Xamtac Consulting

Google & Facebook Ads

Reach the people that need you today. From Facebook and Instagram, to Google and Bing, it is necessary to advertise right where your customer will be looking for you.

Website Analytics - Xamtac Consulting

Website Analytics

We will help set up great analytics on your site and then use that information as a guide. Following the data, we adjust your website and maximize your goals.

Email Marketing - Xamtac Consulting

Email Marketing

Do you have a promotion going on? Do you wish to personalize emails to your customers? We specialize in custom email automation. Easily send out snazzy promos and your key customers happy birthday.

Influencer marketing - Xamtac Consulting

Influencer marketing

Is a type of social media marketing that involves product placement and endorsements from influencer, or persons and organizations that are thought to be experts in their industry or to have significant social impact.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Xamtac Consulting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your site is competing with millions of other sites. A well-defined SEO strategy ensures you show up for the correct searches. We will create a specific plan for your site that will help you rank up for the keywords most likely to yield results.

Website Creation - Xamtac Consulting

Website Creation

Your website is you! It is your business to your customers in the online age. A beautiful and functional website shows that you are a professional. As an initial touch-point to every new and potential customer, it is imperative you have a good one. We will help you construct a masterpiece of a website.

Monitor the progress of your promotional campaigns

Are you seeking for a simple and efficient method to monitor the progress of your promotional campaigns? Explore our marketing dashboard! With real-time statistics on your website traffic, social media interaction, marketing platforms, and email campaigns, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your marketing effectiveness. In addition, our user-friendly interface makes it easy to discover areas for development and remain aware of important trends. Learn more about our marketing dashboard by clicking here and start utilizing it now!


Dashboard - Xamtac


We Are There For Every Step

Whether you know how a website works or how to make and launch ads or not, our marketing consultants will be there to guide you at every step.

Personable Team

Our team is full of extremely nice and knowledgeable people that love to teach and show others what they are working on.

Scientific Approach

Using analytics we are able to take a data-based approach to all marketing efforts that will help raise your return on investment.

Responsive Suggestions

We will suggest the best marketing services that we believe will increase your returns.


At the end of the day, we understand that getting more customers and keeping them is high priority. We will do everything possible to make those goals a reality.

Transparent Process

With an assortment of marketing strategies we will make sure your goals are attained. With scheduled meetings to show you the work that is being done, you can rest easy knowing that your marketing projects are making progress.

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