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We offer digital branding initiatives for businesses and individual clients.

What is Your Brand?

Your brand is more than just your logo or how your website appears. It is a complex force that is part of your identity as a business. You want to make sure your brand is working for you - and that is just what our experts can help you do.

Beyond Surface Level

Xamtac speaks the language of branding. We will delve into your brand’s look and feel - and sharpen it for success in today’s business world.

Expand Your Influence

In a connected world with many online touch points - from your core website to social media, search engine results, online reviews, and more - you want your brand to speak to your audience at all levels. We will help you comprehend and improve your brand’s full influence online.

Define Your Mission

End of day, your digital branding should completely align with your mission as a business. Let us show you how.

Your Digital Branding Identity

Digital branding Agencies must be distinct from our conventional conceptions of branding. The world of business has changed and more than ever consumers are looking for trust & connection. A company cannot just tell us what it stands for and expect us to trust it. A brand must embody its ideals and then convey them through action.
Content marketing and social media are two great tools for constructing your brand’s digital persona and building that all-important trust with your audience.

Content Marketing as Powerful Narratives

When asked about your background, what drives you, or how you've reached certain goals, you might find yourself telling a story - a narrative detailing the trials encountered and barriers conquered. Your story should detail how these obstacles affect the products or services you've developed and how they empower your business as a whole. This narrative is continuous and essential to your identity. Trust us, your audience wants to know how the problems you've run into relate to their own wants and needs. Content marketing works best when you use it to provide information that is relevant to the different stages of a user's journey. Content marketing and shows how your product or service can be a solution to the kinds of problems your audience is experiencing. Content marketing is also an important way to establish your identity and show how you offer value beyond what you're selling. The best way to keep your target audience interested is to provide content that repeats your value proposition in new and interesting ways, always presenting fresh narratives on the reasons why you are better than the competition.

Content Marketing - Xamtac Consulting

Social Media as Brand Expression

Your social media engagements express your brand's voice. You should use the voice of your brand in both your status updates and your replies to comments. Your use of social media is a great way to make people aware of you and can be used to build your identity. If you do not know where to start, begin with social listening to inform your digital identity. Examine audience discourse to shape your digital identity. You should alter your identity depending on what your audience desires. Always, your goal should be to service your audience’s problems with novel solutions. Using social media as a form of brand expression will help you figure out who you are as a brand. After establishing your brand identity, it is time to concentrate on your visibility.

Social Media - Xamtac Consulting

Your Publicity

Visibility is an important component of your digital brand. Consider all the digital touchpoints where your target audience is exposed to your brand. This includes your website, search engine results, social media, review websites, and more. "Controlled" touchpoints like your website get the most attention and resources, but "uncontrolled" touchpoints like your ratings and review sites are the most important. Digital advertising contributes to your visibility and is a "Controlled” touchpoint." We can help you positively construct your publicity with highly targeted campaigns and effective digital advertising strategies. Additionally, Your audience's search engine results are a vital component of your visibility. Being at the top of search engine results will not only make you more visible, it also shows that you know what your target audience wants and how they use search engines. A brand at the top of their search engine results is believed to be a trustworthy one. Xamtac can help you climb the searching rankings with our custom SEO strategies.

Your Publicity - Xamtac Consulting

Your Reputation

It might take years to build credibility, and only seconds to destroy it. To keep your credibility, you must actively build a feedback loop with the people you want to reach. A properly developed digital brand strategy can collect feedback across all touchpoints, enhancing its trustworthiness. For example, social engagement enhances your trustworthiness. In our branding and social media strategies we prioritize user experience and openness above all. If you pay attention to what your followers say and respond in a genuine way, your credibility will grow on its own. That is our philosophy at Xamtac and we share it with every client.

You Reputation - Xamtac Consulting

The Advantages of Digital Branding for Professionals

It's important for your professional digital branding efforts to know the difference between digital branding and personal branding. Digital branding is not personal branding. Personal branding is motivated by recognition, whereas digital branding is driven by conversions. Below is a list of how digital branding influences different businesses and professions.

Creators- Xamtac Consulting


A digital brand will assist you in locating a literary agent seeking new talent. This agent will examine your digital brand to determine how many books you may sell.

Attorneys- Xamtac Consulting


With a reputable digital brand, you will be able to acquire more clients and leads since your online presence will attract people who are searching for lawyers.

Real estate agents- Xamtac Consulting

Real estate agents

If you are a real estate agent, a strong digital branding presence will develop, get more leads, generate positive reviews, open your business to new homeowners or people looking to buy investment properties.

Executives in a Company- Xamtac Consulting

Executives in a Company

As an executive in a company, it is best to separate yourself from other executives. Utilize your digital brand to demonstrate the unique value you offer an organization.

Entertainers- Xamtac Consulting


If you are a performer, you can use your digital brand to get more people to watch your show, subscribe to your channel, and tune into your productions.

E-commerce Store- Xamtac Consulting

E-commerce Store

If you have an e-commerce store that wants to start or gain more followers and leads, your digital brand will help you do it by helping to establish your positive reputation.

Public Officials- Xamtac Consulting

Public Officials

As a public official, if your digital brand isn't very good, it will be harder to raise money or get people excited about the base you are trying to build.

Consultants- Xamtac Consulting


If you are an authority in your profession but lack a digital brand, you are not an authority (at least in the eyes of most consumers). People want to engage with trustworthy brands and expert individuals.

Everyone Else- Xamtac Consulting

Everyone Else

Regardless of your sector or profession, digital branding is applicable in all scenarios. For success in today’s online world, you want to make sure your brand speaks to your skills, experience, and identity.

Digital Brand Strategy & Management

What is the definition of digital branding strategy ? says that branding is "the promotion of a certain product or company through advertising and a unique look." Digital branding enables a business to grow its brand while reaching new audiences over the Internet. Branding, and especially rebranding, helps a company answer questions about its target market, goals, public image, and core values. Customers' first impression of your business is your brand's image- and your appearance may make or break your reputation. It's important to find out what your customers in your market want and what they expect from you. Let's examine some of the most crucial features of this process.

Mission & Specialization

The mission of your organization will guide every move you make. When a customer looks at you, they want to know what your values are. Your company's goals may include social change, sustainability, improving the quality of life, and developing new technologies for the future. Does your audience care about what you're emphasizing? How do you differentiate yourself from your rivals? You must understand who you are and why you are acting as you do. Why should people care? Write up a mission statement and back it up with action! We will help you to ensure that your branding reflects this. Once you've established your purpose and identity, work on building the remainder of your brand.

Mission & Specialization- Xamtac Consulting

Logo and Colors

With your objective, area of expertise, and mission statement in mind, it is time to create your logo design and color scheme. Consider how you want your customers to feel when they view your organization. Do you want your color scheme to make people think of you as professional, happy, or creative? If you look at any famous brand, you'll see that it has its own style that shows what it stands for. Apple's logo is a simple two-toned apple that fits with its simple brand. Google's logo is a letter with many colors, and Chanel's logo is a slick black and white to show how expensive their business is. Even album covers are visual representations of the contents they contain. Your brand's image and color scheme must complement one another. Developing brand identification requires an attractive color scheme and a consistent visual representation.

Logo and Colors- Xamtac Consulting


After you've decided on your website's goal and logo, the next step is to decide how to improve it. Your website is one of the most crucial locations where customers connect with your company. A website that is messy and hard to use can make people angry and may cost you sales. For many potential customers, your website is your sole opportunity to make a good first impression - so you must make your website user experience (UX)count!. One of the fastest ways to turn site visitors into buyers is to make the user interface and design easy to understand and manage. A user-friendly web design is an excellent method to maintain client engagement.

Website- Xamtac Consulting


How do you determine what your customers desire? Your brand can stand out from the rest if it can connect with people and is willing to do so. When a brand hears and responds to what its customers say, it builds the foundation for a loyal community. The Xamtac team will help you look at some methods you might use to begin to develop this understanding.

Engagement- Xamtac Consulting

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