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What is a Marketing Audit Report ?

A marketing audit is a thorough, well-organized look at how a company markets itself. The goal is to find out if the marketing efforts of the company are working and if they are in line with your goals and key performance indicators. This analysis of a company's marketing strategy highlights areas where marketing initiatives are successful and point out failings. An audit can help identify the required adjustments can be made to ensure your business's success.
An audit market analysis is done so that you can formulate a strategy on how to run your business. By taking certain factors into consideration, you will know how to operate your business. Marketing is like the air that businesses breathe; it keeps them alive and active. The company's strengths and shortcomings must be addressed prior to creating a marketing plan. Ultimately, a marketing audit should be completed in order to assess your position in the current marketing world .

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Does My Company Require a Marketing Audit?

Every business would benefit from evaluating their marketing plan. A marketing audit provides information on the current state of your marketing and what needs to be done going into the future. An audit will guide your marketing team in managing your brand and most effectively expanding its reach.

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Top Marketing Analysis Factors

    A great place to start your marketing audit is with a “SWOT” analysis. There are 4 categories to evaluate with regard to your brand's current marketing plan:
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

By figuring out what the company does well and what it could do better, you can make a plan for what to focus on.
If you have a good labor force, ample investment, and advertising experts, focus your marketing strategy on those strengths. Similarly, if your technology is comparatively poorer and you lack an online presence, then you need to improve those weaknesses external market factors, may provide your company with an opportunity or threat. You can take advantage of chances that arise for economic reasons, political unpredictability, or even social shifts to create better marketing strategies. Threats are any scenarios that carry the potential to hamper your business dealings - and should be avoided at all costs. With an effective SWOT analysis, you'll have a marketing plan that you can use to make the best decisions for your company.

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Dimensions of Marketing Audit & Analysis

Certain dimensions will help you perform your audit and marketing analysis:

Market Size

An important element of a marketing analysis is market size. You are more likely to face competition in a larger market. In a big market, you need to make sure your products and services stand out amongst stiff competition. Otherwise, customers can easily switch to a rival product. If you set your price too high, then you are going to lose your customer base to other competitors. Set it too low and people will think that you are just providing cheap, poor quality goods. You can get away with charging a luxury price if the market is small or specialized. These details are all recorded in the marketing analysis. Every business should proceed with a marketing strategy based on the size of the expected market.

Market Trends

    Market trends are a crucial part of marketing analysis. Having knowledge of the trends helps you decide what kind of product you are going to sell - and how you are going to sell it. You need to be aware of current trends when launching a firm.
  • What do customers like?
  • How much are they willing to spend?
  • What do they want?
  • What other trends or factors may capture their attention?
These sorts of things go into your analysis. Market trends are subject to change at any time. Trends give your brand a chance for your company. Your business cannot take advantage of a trend unless you are aware of it. Marketing audits give you the chance to be aware of all the trends around you business and its product or service

Market's Rate of Expansion

Any type of marketing study must take your market's growth rate into consideration. Every business must determine how long the market in question will persist. It's critical to assess the market's growth rate before making an investment. If you believe something will grow over time, you can invest more money in it. The market's growth pace determines how much attention and consideration you should devote to it with your marketing strategy.

Market's Return on Investment

The majority of businesses enter the market with the intention of profiting. In other words, they are organizations driven by financial gain. Therefore, you must research the market's profitability before starting a firm. If the market is profitable, significant investments have the potential to earn significant returns. Research a market's profitability and then design your marketing strategy from there.

Key Success Factors

A marketing audit can be instrumental in determining the key success factors for a business:

Distribution Channels

Distribution channels are how a company delivers its products or services to its customers. Depending on what kind business it is, these could be storefronts or online marketplaces. Your marketing analysis should result in an evaluation of your company's most effective channels of distribution

Industry's Cost Structure

The industry's cost structure is a significant factor when running a business. It essentially calculates the cost of getting your products ready for sale. An understanding of cost helps with setting prices and knowing when it’s best to cut costs. Doing a marketing analysis will help you come up with newer ways to reduce costs and get ahead of your competitors

What is a Marketing Audit's Significance?

Ultimately, your marketing audit will allow your marketers better understand your business, the market, and what your strategy should be going forward. An audit evaluates your brand and helps you efficiently identify growth opportunities.

Types of Marketing Audit's

Internal and external audits in marketing are the two basic categories. Both are meant to aid the company in comprehending its existing marketing strategy.

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Internal Environment

Internal environment marketing audits examine every aspect of a company's marketing department. The goal of these audits is to find problems and opportunities for growth by reorganizing your staff or and investing in new technology. Internal marketing audits are great for companies that recently merged or purchased another company. This audit will help the leaders compare the staff, systems, and tasks of the old and new marketing departments.

External Environment

In external environment marketing audits, your business' market and the overall economy are evaluated. The marketing strategy that succeeds this year probably won't succeed ten years from now. External environmental audits assist organizations in identifying market shifts. Companies carry out external environmental audits for a number of reasons. The main goal of these audits should be to think about how businesses should interact with the market and expand business opportunities.

How to Perform a Marketing Audit?

List All Your Marketing Goals

Goal-setting is the foundation of marketing. Every marketing move should have a purpose, whether it's to generate more leads, gain market share, or raise brand awareness. Compare your present outcomes with your goals if you want to know how well your marketing is functioning. Determining your goals is the first step in the auditing process. You can attempt to complete several objectives at once. Making a plan of action and asking yourself some marketing audit questions are wonderful ways to organize your goals.

Build Customer Personas

Pay attention to your customers. How varied are their wants from one another and what do they seek from your company? A cookware manufacturer might sell to honeymooners, seasoned chefs, and brand-new hobbyists. Every client views your brand from a different angle You should deliver distinct messages to each of these subsets of your market. Building customer personas for your top clients is an excellent way capitalize upon your audit.

Name the Competition

Your main competitors should be taken into account as another external factor. There is rivalry in every industry. Identify the competition you face and your unique selling points. Study your rivals and find out the key differences and similarities between your brands . Have any new players recently entered your industry? What services do your rivals provide? Since you last checked them out, how have they modified their business? List all of your competitors and what they offer,; how they price their products, and everything else you think is important.

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